Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP)

Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP)

Summer Session information:

The YEP Summer Session is a dynamic program designed to equip high-school students with fundamental skills in entrepreneurship and business ownership. This program is geared towards students who have an interest in entrepreneurship and want to gain practical knowledge and experience. YEP is facilitated by experienced business professionals who have the requisite knowledge and expertise to guide students through the process of starting their own businesses.


During the six-week Summer Session, students will be introduced to the basics of entrepreneurship. They will be exposed to the principles of starting and running a business, such as creating business plans, developing marketing strategies, establishing financial management systems, understanding customer needs, and more. By the end of the program, students will have a good understanding of how to operate a successful business.

Throughout the course, students will be given ample time to practice what they have learned. They will be required to identify a business they would like to start and implement what they have learned so far to create a business concept. The students will be required to devote a significant amount of time to market research, customer identification, and development of products or services that meet the customer's needs. They will learn about their competition, ways to differentiate themselves, and how to create a unique value proposition that appeals to their target market.


Our program is not only about acquiring business knowledge and developing practical skills, but also about instilling leadership qualities in students. We believe that good leadership is key to operating successful businesses. As such, we require all YEP participants to demonstrate leadership qualities, including punctuality, accountability, excellent communication skills, and teamwork. These abilities will be central to their success as entrepreneurs, and as such, are highly valued by the program.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate in entrepreneurship. They will also have opportunity to enter into pitch competition to display their business concepts to potential investors. This will allow them to practice what they’ve learned and the winner will receive a scholarship toward their business future.

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