The iShopblack business development center (ishopBBDC) offers a unique opportunity for businesses to become a Resource Partner. As a Resource Partner, you will be a valuable resource provider for the Affiliates of the ISBBDC. You will have the opportunity to provide information and help to the affiliates who need it in the specific areas that your company provides expertise in. This can include financial management, marketing strategies, legal advice, and more.

Resource Partners are allowed to hold workshops, and events, and provide valuable information to help the affiliates succeed. Whether it is in-person or virtual, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with others. This can help build your reputation as a reliable resource provider and help you gain partners as clients.

Becoming a Resource Partner is a competitive process, and the ISBBDC only allows a few providers per industry. However, once you become a Resource Partner, the ISBBDC will work with you to keep you up to date with all funding opportunities that you may need to gain access to capital to help you grow your mentorship programs. Additionally, the ISBBDC will provide you with course and class creations to better assist the partners of the ISBBDC.

Becoming a Resource Partner with the iShopblack business development center (ishopBBDC) is an opportunity to contribute to the success of black-owned businesses while growing your own business as a reputable resource provider. With access to funding opportunities, mentorship programs, and course and class creations, you will have the resources you need to help the partners of the ISBBDC thrive.

Resource Partner


per month

  • Free Printing

  • Use of Kitchen Area and Amenities - microwave, refrigerator

  • Free Wifi

  • Free Parking

  • Complimentary Coffee/Water/Snacks/Beverages

  • Small Business Assessments for Business Growth

  • Access to Networking Events

  • 4 Hours of Monthly Room Rental Included (1 hour Duration per Token)

  • Conference Room Reservation(s)

  • Unlimited Access to the Open Areas of the ISBBDC during Weekly Operational Hours

  • 2 Onsite Workshops per Month (Non-fee based)

  • Host One Complimentary Event per year (Based on Availability)

  • 1 Additional Employee Access with Affiliate to the ISBBDC Once A Month

  • Complimentary Digital Advertising within the ISBBDC

  • Business Listing in ISHOP Black Directory

  • Access to ISBBDC Commonly Used Business Terminology Worksheet

  • Add Host Workshops

  • Access to growing database of local businesses for networking and Lead generation

  • Access to Funding Opportunities

  • First right of refusal to ISBBDC Partnerships

  • Discounted Certification Courses

  • Host All Day Events Upon Approval

Resource Access to

  • Host In-Person and virtual Courses/Workshops/Webinars

  • Provide Marketing Assistance

  • Host Onsite Workshop (Fee-Based) (Based on Space Availability)

  • Whole Day Rental 9-15 hours) - (Custom Packages Available) (Based On Availability)

iShopBlack Advertising Network

iShopBlack Network only chooses high quality, black owned, businesses with great traffic to place its digital ad screens. Right in front of the black consumer.

  • One (1) Complimentary Screen Location of your Choice